Preston James & Mike Harris, Veterans Today 2-28-18… “Veterans Today takes decisive action to counteract USG driven Internet censorship and spying” (or “Welcome to VT TV!”)


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It looks like VT has taken it upon themselves to do something about the rampant YouTube, FB, Twitter, censoring of videos, posts, Tweets, and entire accounts.

Introducing Veterans Today TV. This looks like it may be very valuable and useful to many people, and for a relatively low monthly fee.

Please take the time to look into this, and feel free to read the article for more details. I do feel this is just one example of what will be occurring rapidly around the planet, as a result of the deep state type 1984-type attempts to restrict everyone’s Freedom of Speech.

Thanks to LL and C for contacting me about this one.

“Veterans Today has joint ventured with an Internet Security Company located offshore which provides subscribers freedom to protect their communications using state-of-the art 512 byte encryption and bank proven firewalls. This is in response to the draconian…

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