#AntiSchool Linked on Bloomberg ~ Feb. 28, 2018


Well, well, well…after a FUROR against extreme censorship made by several big time social media outlets, YouTube has issued the following statement:

“Updated on 02/28/2018 at 4:18 PM: YouTube now claims that some channels and videos may have been removed in error. “As we work to hire rapidly and ramp up our policy enforcement teams throughout 2018, newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals,” said a YouTube spokeswoman to Bloomberg in an email. “We’re continuing to enforce our existing policies regarding harmful and dangerous content, they have not changed.ruth wins We’ll reinstate any videos that were removed in error.”

Truth wins, my friends, so please take a look at this video, know that humanity IS awakening to a new level of spirituality, and…


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