Dr Sharon Blackie interviews Stephen Jenkinson

An Elegant Mystery

“Today we have an Easter treat for you: a new episode of The Hedge School Podcast. In this episode, Hedge School founder Dr Sharon Blackie interviews teacher and creator of the Orphan Wisdom School, Stephen Jenkinson (https://orphanwisdom.com/). The conversation is focused on what it is to be an elder in today’s world…”

via The Hedge School Podcast: Stephen Jenkinson — The Hedge School blog

Reposting this podcast of a conversation between two people I greatly admire, this serves as a reminder that there is great and urgent work still to be done. Both Sharon Blackie and Stephen Jenkinson bring a unique perspective to what the western world lacks in terms of a mythological connection to the land as well as a truly mature human outlook on the predicament of the contemporary catastrophe we find ourselves in.

Here is an excerpt from Jenkinson’s forthcoming book, ‘Come of Age’


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Happy Full Moon!

Under The Blue Door

Moon hands

“Want to manifest your dreams?  Having a hard time staying focused? The full moon of March 31 (5:37 am PT) shines a guiding light through the shadows of inner doubt and confusion.  This is the last “blue moon” until October 2020, and a special opportunity to reconnect with true intentions and heart felt desires.

The full moon will be in the area of the sky known as Hasta Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. Symbolized by a hand, this Vedic lunar sign grants the power to manifest your vision and get it into your hands.

Savitur, the “golden handed,” Vedic god of the rising sun, rules over Hasta. All kinds of creative handicrafts (like cooking, drawing and sculpting) and healing practices of hands (likeReiki) are empowered by the light of this full moon.

Keep an open mind, you may find solutions to problems in unexpected ways now. The direct…

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We Are in a Digital (Simulated) Reality / The Event Hype ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

TAUK Messages

Hi Everyone,

This is a mind stretching QHHT session segment. The client had a very interesting list of questions he wanted to explore in his session. On this clip his Big Self (High Self) is explaining an experience the client had while on a psychedelic trip where he was shown our world and us being a digital or simulated reality. As we move on in the session we chat about leaving the primal mind as humanity experiences the merging of the hemispheres into a supra-mind. We talk about how A.I. and the Awakening are connected. Before we are finished we delve into The Event and the hype recently created around it. 

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The Kali Activation (Easter 2018) ~ March 31, 2018 | roseramblesdotorg


Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

After moving through the Equinox Golden Gateway, many starseeds have begun to activate a certain codex within the DNA structure which is a powerful keycode into the building of the crystalline sili…

Source: The Kali Activation (Easter 2018) ~ March 31, 2018 | roseramblesdotorg

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The Kali Activation (Easter 2018) ~ March 31, 2018


After moving through the Equinox Golden Gateway, many starseeds have begun to activate a certain codex within the DNA structure which is a powerful keycode into the building of the crystalline silicon based pattern for the new human template. We call this ‘The Kali Activation’. Please listen up below, has you own DNA codex been changing?, and…


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The Event – When? | Sophia Love


The Event — When? / Sophia Love

This is about the arrival of this Event and what it is, I believe, that we are waiting for. This may be a particularly long post, as it includes some things that are not easily explained. These are things that are happening within and around me. They are personal observations, responses and unavoidable moments that seemingly originated elsewhere. Yet remember, all is an illusion and there is only us.

I think the Event happens when we stop expecting it to be an outside occurrence at the whim of the cosmos. This is not to say that it isn’t those things.  This is to say that it isn’t only those things.

Much of what has been shared here these many years is from a knowing deep within. They are things that were initially recognized as a question and then, explored internally as well as on this blog and in these videos.

This Event, which is described as the shotgun blast that begins the conscious and intentional race to Ascension, feels cataclysmic.  Not necessarily because of earth changes or unusual waves of rainbow clouds, but because it will only happen when we are willing to be undone in preparation for its appearance. It is time for our egos to hit the road. Not our humanness. Our ego.  There’s a difference.

I’d be the first to tell you I’ve got this.  That I love myself and I am ready.  Events as of late have illustrated my error. There is something yet to do.  It is the thing I don’t see but changes everything. It is akin to an avalanche.

We will have to give up control and allow ourselves to unpack inner awareness and self-actualization. If your intent is to consciously accomplish this Ascension, these things must be done now. These things that you’ve neglected must be opened and inspected. You’ve only allowed yourself to receive crumbs of affection when what is coming with the Event, and what you desire, is an avalanche of love.

What happens to initiate an avalanche is that something erupts to trigger an extremely gradual buildup of snow to begin to cascade down the slope. As it moves, it carries with it everything it touches. It can begin very slowly. With this post, it is suggested that the initiating event has either already occurred to you or is about to. This avalanche is cataclysmic.  It will represent a crisis in your life – in either relationship, family, health, housing, self-image, love, prosperity or something else you have held onto.

You will recognize it. Don’t miss this.  It is the trigger that needed to be pulled so that the gun could be fired to begin the race. Your race. Your race to Ascension. It will cause you to be undone, to have to do something new, to look at things with new eyes, to let go of the personality that participated in creating this buildup of ego. You will need new pathways. You will need to allow.

We are in an Improv moment, folks. The first rule of improvisation is “Yes, and…” It means that whatever your partner on stage says or does, you go with it. If he jumps in a spaceship or she turns into a clown, your response supports the change and keeps going without a glitch.

You don’t need to look far to notice signs of this massive and impending change. Pick up a newspaper, turn on your car radio, check social media or your favorite news outlet.  Resist the urge to polarize as you hear and see these things.

Watch the animals. Two days ago, while driving in the early morning, a robin was sitting in the middle of the street looking up at the sky.  It did not move as I approached with my car. I had to swerve almost on the sidewalk to avoid hitting it.  When I checked the rearview mirror after returning to the road, the robin was still sitting there, gazing up at the sky!

The video below shares some other signs from nature that are unusual, including a grackle who did the exact same thing as that robin!  I saw it after my experience on the road.

Yet this post is about more than these signals outside of ourselves. This story is about how what is gradually becoming apparent is that it is the inside stuff that finally and absolutely heralds the moment of the Event.

This Event is about the realization of massive love.  We know that love, truly, does not come from somewhere or somebody else. There is no one here but us. Love shows up to the precise degree that we allow it to.  Love will not crash through a closed door, closed arms or a frozen heart if it has no place to land.  It needs an opening.

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*Earthquakes Increasing Alert! Watch West Coast * Tsunami Prep *Pope *Ascension *Love vs Fear*

*Earthquakes Increasing Alert! Watch West Coast! *Tsunami Prep Week *Pope *Ascension *Love VS Fear*

Evolutionary Energy Arts

Topics covered:

  • record cold weather in North America, late spring
  • Swarms of earthquakes in California and Alaska
  • Pacific Ring of Fire extremely active
  • Tsunami prep on Pacific coast (WA, OR, and CA)
  • Chinese satellite set to crash across Northern Tier, Northern Spain, Turkey… etc.
  • Vatican scrambling after Pope Francis says there is no hell.
  • The opposite of Love is Fear.  Perfect love drives out fear.
  • The Heart is superior to the brain, ties into the heart of the planet and the Cosmos
  • Easter weekend – Christ consciousness
  • Beatitudes
  • The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you NOW
  • The New World will be one of Service to Others, the way of Love and compassion

Everything You Need To Know About The Last Blue Moon Of 2018

Spiritual Warrior Path

by The AstroTwins
Astrologers & Best-Selling Authors – March 31, 2018 — 9:25 AM

Relationship check-in time! Peace and harmony is the Libra way—this balanced sign counts Gandhi, John Lennon, and Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Peace Prize) among its ranks, after all. So typically, a Libra full moon would be the occasion to celebrate our soft spot for all of humankind, passing out olive branches and extending our goodwill.

Since the Libra full moon is the second full moon to fall within the same month (the first one was on March 1), it’s called a blue moon. This lunation is named the full Sap Moon since it’s around this time of year that the sap from maple trees begins to flow.

It’s unusual to have even ONE blue moon in a calendar year, and in 2018 there are two. This is the second blue moon of 2018 (the first…

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Your part


20161025_164224 (1) crp signd

A very Powerful Full Moon is upon us.
This is an important Energy Portal.
Energy is intense and can feel at the moment uncomfortable.
You may be experiencing pain physical and/or emotional,
Hang in there and be very gentle with yourself.
These are being triggered to release the old limited self, for as we walk through this portal many beautiful changes await us
Weve been working towards them, shedding the old all along incorporating light coming in to reveal more and more of who we truly are.
The time is near to truly unfold..and spread your wings
Opportunities will appear to further support and encourage you to do so.
Pay attention in the meantime to all that comes up. If you find yourself in negative thoughts, they are what remains of your old limiting patterns, remember to shift them immediately to a positive uplifting perspective.
Events recently have continued…

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