Two Videos from X22 Reports – Everything is NOT What It Seems; It’s All Happening Behind the Scenes

Despite MSM news reporting that the U.S. is going to “war”, it won’t happen.  These political, geopolitical and financial reports from X22 Reports that in reality, things are very different.  The rogue CIA, Neocon, and globalist elements in our government are still trying to start a war by firing on paid Russian mercenaries… They are pushing their old agenda to start WWIII, but the real government is countering everything.  Prepare for false flags to be used as a distraction to get us into war. Listen and learn…

Everything Is Not What It Seems, It’s All Happening Behind The Scenes – Episode 1497b

 Published February 13, 2018
Video #2:

The Economic Propaganda Begins, The Take Down Process Is In Progress – Episode 1497a

The U.S. is transitioning into another financial system without the Central Bank.  The Central Bank’s agenda is to bring down the system and then blame Trump…

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