MORAG @ In5D – 4 Life Changing Ways To Raise Our Vibrations To The Fifth Dimension – 2-14-18

Higher Density Blog

5th Dimension

by Morag,   Guest writer,

For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to expanded consciousness is blocked. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Disbelief and cynical perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world.

As battles rage in the skies and in the seas for our and Gaia’s sovereignty we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We choose who we are what we are, where we are and how we live.

The elite need us to accept our limitations not test them, stretch our minds or…

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