Message from the Arcturian Council


Gaia is creation. She is symbolic of all worlds, all solar systems, galaxies, multi verses in time space. She evolved from first to third dimension and now she moves beyond. Her path is no different from the smallest amoeba living on her. We all have come from creation and are part of creation. This is why we are all creators. To understand this is to leap beyond the third dimension. We watch and we see humanity pull the veils down exposing their enemies hidden in plain sight. We view you from above and we watch and wait to see how far below you will go.

We are here to guide humanity, one of many interstellar groups invested in The Great Shift. Gaia has reached an impasse. She is catching her breath. Her system is recalibrating and yet she must continue to sustain multiple injuries day after day. She strives to…

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One thought on “Message from the Arcturian Council

  1. Thank you for posting this, Eliza Sundeelia. As an Arcturian Starseed I was beginning to wonder if my kin were realizing the depths to which the Dark has taken Earth. This message answers my question, thank you. Perhaps my Arcturian kin needed to wake up, too! I’m pretty worn out, as I know so many are. We need action now, help from our Galactic Friends and perhaps it’s time that we Ground Crew gave the green light. Love you, thank you, Barbara Altea

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