Jerome Corsi 2-11-18… “QAnon video Jerome Corsi re: Henry Kissinger Mtg w Pres. Trump Feb 7, 2018” (related to the “Kissinger points” in the latest Benjamin Fulford)

Listen with discernment. Can Trump trust Kissinger? We’ll see…

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There were (are) a few notations about the role Henry Kissinger is playing in the current world situation in BF’s latest article (related Kp blog post), which I’ve block quoted below. Some of this is from the full article. The video with Dr. Jerome Corsi answering questions about Kissinger’s role may be helpful to those wanting to learn more. Personally, I found it very illuminating (yes, I’ve used that word before).

“Former cabal bagman Henry Kissinger has been secretly shuttling around the world negotiating the creation of this government, multiple sources confirm. After his previous meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in October, Kissinger said, “The Trump administration is overseeing a moment when the opportunity to build a constructive, peaceful world order is very great.” Last week after he met Trump, he said, “something new and remarkable,” will emerge out of the Trump administration.

“One remarkable thing Kissinger told…

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