Geological upheaval in South Caribbean – Residents stir as earth moves! ~ Feb. 13, 2018


More and more and more unusual earth things happening as our world descends into chaos from political upheaval, geological occurrences, and unusual weather. This measure of personal insecurity will opens the hearts of many to the story of unconditional love which is the hallmark of humanity as it evolves into a higher vibrational state.

Please watch these video’s, but…DO NOT descend into FEAR! No man knows his individual fate, but the common man should be taught, or already knows, about how life does NOT end with death; this release just ends time spent on Earth.

MSM, and even some “truthers” will wail and thrash as the next step in human evolution occurs NOW. My advice? Be focused internally in a place of calm. Find that stillness in the storm of life, and smile. We are all the strongest of the strong to be here on Earth at this time. Stay…

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