Astral Screen – Lisa Renee


Courtesy of Energetic Synthesis

 In the current struggle between the opposing forces in the earth, the massive forces of chaos that link into the Behemoth and Leviathan planetary archetypes are raging for control in the lower time fields, where the AI time loop exists. The Behemoth represents the beast, the monster of chaos that is found in the earth element, that exemplifies the elemental corruption that was controlled and made into matter. While the Leviathan is the monster of chaos that exists in the watery elements that are unleashed through the astral layers and black magic ritual, that which worships the forces of Baphomet, the lower astral forces of lust, sex and addiction. In this intense terrain, many people are exposed to these chaotic forces rising from within the astral realm, as the Leviathan entities attempt to stake their claim on those bloodlines that they…

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