Unity Consciousness here we come! – Vera Ingeborg


Courtesy of The Wake Up Experience

http://thewakeupexperience.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/brain-1845962_1920-1080x675.jpgPretty intense experiences at the moment, huh? We are going through seemingly endless thought spirals, anxiety attacks, big old ego programs related to aggression, control, manipulation, frustration, disappointments etc. We have a hard time to focus, often feel disconnected. We have weirdest food cravings, a lot of need to rest, not knowing what to do with ourselves, lucid dreaming, intense headaches, the eyes blurry as never before, and the whole body is just going berserk with wildest symptoms, skin break-outs, infections, ascension flu, hot and cold flashes etc. And our mind is hopelessly lost, all it can think is: WTF??? Where is the emergency exit?


I had already written about the ego patterns showing up now everywhere. What I have…

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