Gaia Faeries return in Fullness to the Planetary Surface – 1-27-18 – by We Signed Up For This – by Rose Rambles dotorg

In actuality, the Fairies have never left, but now as Humanity awakes from a long slumber, they can return to assist us in co-creating a magnificent world together.

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our spiritual friends In Ireland whoa are a part of Gaia Portal, now have released a memo that I AM delighted to read! I particularly like the inference to “Green lights”. Hmmm…

Thanks to

This message is listed below, so…please read this message, know the time for our transition is nearing, and…


Gaia Faeries return in fullness to the planetary surface.

Caretakers are called and respond on all dimensional levels.

Placids rise and soothe the uncomforts.

Green Lights bathe and regenerate.


Source    –   Rose Rambles dot org

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