From The Field ~ Maureen Moss ~ January 2018


Courtesy of The Earth Plan

From The Field ~ Maureen Moss ~ January 2018

Maureen Moss’ website is here.

Dearest Hearts,

2018! In Like A Lion surrounded by chaotic nodes… higher and lower coherency passing through chaotic events… along with a pot of final reckonings, identity reconfiguration particles, radical honesty with Self and others, quantum no-need-to-know molecules and minute-to-minute reality checks boiling. Welcome to the Super Level of Mastery, Mystery and Embodiment.

As this is written we are in the midst of a fairly intense back and forth period between widely separated regions of space and time (deep space and earth,) and entering a small though significant window of opportunity to dissolve the drama of Ascension and alter the trajectory of our evolutionary path as we come upon this month’s Total Lunar Eclipse Blue Moon.

Helping us along, we are in a rare (first in 18 years,) celestial gathering…

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