Loving Your Ego Into Healing, Letting Go, And Surrender

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
I just read something online that offered, “Ego death is an ongoing battle. A constant war from within that you must be vigilant about.” I feel sadness when I read words such as these and feel the energy where they come from. I feel them coming from a place of, indeed, inner battling. That means there is yet another part inside that will not get the love that they are SO wanting and needing. Instead, they will be labeled by another part (usually what we call the Inner Punisher) as ‘ego’ and they will be battled, punished, judged.
All this battling inside just leads to MORE battling…how could it lead to anything else? To feel something as ‘coming from ego’ is not about the identification of that as much as it is what your relationship is to what you discover. Are you being loving toward the…

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