LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Earth’s Catalogue of Genetic Material – 1-23-18

Higher Density Blog


To understand more about the history of our planet, and to be better prepared to understand the purpose of disclosure in the future, it is helpful to know about the non-terrestrial interest in gaining control over the genetic library that is found on the planet earth and within the DNA of all of her inhabitants. Those non-terrestrial groups involved in genetic modification and testing experiments upon earth inhabitants carry out this agenda to gain access to a massive catalogue of genetic material. The primary reason behind abduction has been for gaining control over the genetics of this earth, to use those genetics to open Stargates and to amass the genetic catalogue that could be taken into other planetary systems. The genetic material incarnated and found on earth will only survive long term and procreate while on the earth timelines, as all living creatures born here are genetically key…

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