Eliza: “Now We Are Free”

What a difference a year makes. Tazjma as “Eliza” finally completed her full ascension process in mid-April, shortly before the birth of her new son. I, “Sunny” VaCoupe completed my walk-in process which had been started some years before with some glitches. One would think that Eliza/Taz was not eager to return Home, but now, I can say with all surety that she is grateful beyond measure to resume a full life with her beloved mate, Lord An’Dra and her children, including the young and very precocious Osiris.

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  Now We Are Free

January 22nd was a difficult day for me.  The energies were ping ponging around the innerscape and I felt most of it whether or not I wanted to do so.  Still, I was somewhat surprised at what happened while I was in the process of simply watching a video on Facebook about a “bombproof dressage horse”.  The piece started out with a classical piece of music playing in the background as horse and rider went through challenging scenarios that would have startled a lesser trained animal.  And then, the music changed to the theme of the movie “Gladiator”, a piece titled, “Now We Are Free.”  And I started to cry almost uncontrollably.

Having little water sign in my natal chart, I am not usually given to many tears unless sorely tried and in need of release.  I puzzled over the source of the tears…

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