Eclipse Buildup + Mars leaves Scorpio, Sun opposes Thereus, Mercury conjuncts Pluto (24-27 January 2017)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

city light

We´re headed towards the powerful Lunar Eclipse / Blue Moon in Leo on January 31st. Whilst the intensity will continue to rise, the Universe has provided us with key astrological placements to work with in the meantime. In this article, I discuss Mars´ departure from Scorpio, the Sun´s opposition to Thereus and Mercury´s upcoming conjunction with Pluto.

Each one of these alignments can be dissected in so many different ways, especially when you add in the many asteroids, centaur planets, and other astronomical bodies they make aspects with.

But I´m sticking with the Cappy script and keeping things practical for this one.  Work with these alignments and you will open yourself to greater possibilities.

Mars prepares to exit Scorpio (with a bang!)

The next two and a half days will be very interesting. Mars will be at the very end of the Scorpio transit. And that means all the shadow…

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