Teleportation Through Third Eye, Imagination, Emotional Body Healing

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
Where do you want to go? Your consciousness can take you there, wherever, whenever. Connecting with higher dimensional aspects of your Metasoul/Higher Self can take you there. Feeling the parts of you that are anchored to 3D reality and helping them let go can take you there. Activating your Ascension Chakras to open UP to galactic and cosmic energies can take you there. Letting go of your 3D conditioned mind’s tight, tight grip on reality, overlaying grid that makes it challenging for wonder to flow through can take you there. Healing your emotional body and the undigested traumas can take you there. Kundalini and Non-dual frequencies coming into your BEing can take you there as parts of you allow for these to come in more.
This is teleportation. Teleporting to other dimensions, other galaxies, other realities, beginning in the super conscious mind, in the ‘imagination’, in…

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