Symptoms of a Crown Chakra Awakening – Ascension Energies by Raven Fon – 1-22-18 – by Love Has Won

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FCGCT Commentary: Holding on the programmed ego mind, causes a variety of DeAscension symptoms. Let go of the mind, and fully embrace the Heart. 

Posted by ascensionenergies

By Raven Fon 

Are you one of those who are experiencing a rough sleeping pattern, or perhaps you’re having irregular headaches? Maybe you are going through a phase where there is constant noise cluttering up your thoughts, or is it that you just can’t stop thinking?

Do you feel like maybe, just maybe, there are inexplicable things happening with you personally?

Well, it sounds like you may be experiencing an ‘Awakening or Opening of Your Crown Chakra’.

Here are 4 uncomfortable symptoms explained, that will help you to understand your situation in a clearer way.

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