Energy Update ~ Moving into The Heart of Eclipse Season ~ Jan. 22, 2018


By Entelechy Visions

Energy Update 1/22

We are moving into the heart of eclipse season with a Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31st. This is a rare occurrence that hasn’t happened in over 150 years with this combination and will heighten the potency of what we may be experiencing at this time. 

Lunar Eclipses invite us to truly let go of the old and if we aren’t ready to let go of something that needs to leave our lives, sometimes it will be plucked from our lives for us.
Anything that may be ending or separating at this time is because it is to create a transformational and positive direction for us moving forward.
This eclipse is setting the stage for the entire year ahead of us as we are moving into this year of mastery, you may find themes coming up around communication, power, money, value…

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