David Wilcock Comment on Ben Fulford’s 1-22-18 article…

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More fascinating comments by DW on Ben’s report (related Kp blog post). One note, “the shutdown” ended today (link).

“We have been waiting on some major briefings and haven’t gotten them yet. However, we were definitely told to expect some major moves from the Alliance that would heavily damage the Cabal, and be considered serious progress.

“I don’t think the shutdown is going to last very long. However, the idea that corrupt politicians could be arrested during this process is fascinating and seems plausible.

“We are definitely looking into the idea that the Hawaii Defcon 1 event may have allowed sensitive data to be transferred to the Alliance on the mainland, due to the unique nature of what such an event creates in terms of data security. It is interesting that the Clintons were provably there during this same timeframe… We did hear this [Clinton’s] house…

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