CRITICAL METALS DEFICIT Widening At Alarming Pace — Max Porterfield ~ Jan. 21, 2018


Not too many folks truly understand the importance of metals (not precious metals, mind you) that are SO very important to our daily lives. But although metal mining IS taking place, overseas primarily, the US dollar is no longer being accepted for the purchase of these critical metals and that fact is starting to show itself.

How do I know this? I AM  hospital Lab Director and the lab has seen a sudden shift in the control materials we use to validate our test results in the Chemistry Department. These metals are routinely used to formulate reagents and controls use used in the Chemistry lab. The controls we use are not as stable, and…they are more difficult to place an order for.

So…please watch this video, understand how all is changing everywhere, know where your heart is as the life we know changes, and…


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