Oliver Stone, “UKRAINE ON FIRE… The Real Story”… Full Documentary… (Original English version)

Americans — it’s time to face the fact that our “government” has destroyed duly elected democracies and republics worldwide in order to put compliant puppets in place who would allow the systematic rape and pillage of their countries of resources, natural… and human. This is the legacy of allowing fascist/communists and neocons to dominate American politics, along with international banking cartels and corporations.

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This video apparently was banned in the West, until October, 2017, when it was released. Here is the ZeroHedge link to that. There is a YouTube version out, which I post below (I have also downloaded and saved and MP4 version of it, should anyone wish to download and view on their computer; click here (300 MB).

Recall that Asst. Sec’y of State Victoria (“Yats is our guy”, “F— the EU”) Nuland “bragged” that the U.S. had spent $5 billion in Ukraine, essentially to foment regime change, ending in a new and wonderful Neo-Nazi type government (that type of thing is what the US Corp. has been “good” at over the past several decades). I have yet to watch the documentary, but I would presume it is quite expertly done. Here is what the Zerohedge article wrote about it.


“Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how US-funded political NGOs and…

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