Message from the Arcturians 


‘This is a message for channelers, mediums, psychics, QHHT practitioners and all those who communicate across dimensions.

We the Arcturian Council of Twelve are here to remind you to practise daily protection. To remember mantras of peace, love and compassion. A fierce war is raging all around Gaia. There is turmoil in the skies and on the land. The secrets that lie in the seas will be revealed, the skies will no longer be cloaked and when the war has come to pass there will be a new, cleaner space. Gaia will have vanquished low frequencies, and those who have transcended light with her will see a new earth. A new plane of existence. For some this has already occurred. We see lights switching on every day spreading and illuminating the darkness that shrouds the old earth. The Shift is happening. We see fear rolling back and love flooding your…

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