Medical research using animals—a scandal exposed

Most current “scientific” studies are based on little facts or research but are money-driven, for-profit and greed of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

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Medical research using animals—a scandal exposed

A TB vaccine-booster ineffective…and the vaccine raises the risk of getting TB

By Jon Rappoport

—Don’t expect major media to cover this story with any fervor. Don’t expect mainstream reporters to dig down below the surface of the story. If they did, a huge pillar of the medical cartel would crack and collapse—

In the 1990s, I met several researchers who opened my eyes to the fallacies involved in animal research.

This wasn’t only about the intense cruelty against lab animals. It was about fake science. It was about wrongly assuming studies on animals could be translated to humans.

Now, the edges of a scandal are coming to light.

From “An investigative report, published late Wednesday in The BMJ, raises new concerns about the overall quality of animal research and the misrepresentation of findings from animal studies.”

“The investigation focused on animal studies…

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