JAYME PRICE – CLARITY – The Lyran Council of Time – by We Signed Up For This – 1-14-18

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The Lyran Council of Time: Clarity

JANUARY 14, 2018 AT 9:13 PM

Era of Light  /  EraO fLight


Blessed Beings, Life is ever moving and ever changing. In your moment of stillness, or deep connection, that is where your clarity is heard. It does not yell, it is often a profound silence. Underneath words or without words, it matters not; for the subtle realm hears your stillness.

The future is a response to the present moment and it awaits your desire and clarity of knowing to realign itself for you. 


The subtle realm hears your clarity with the totality of understanding your full resonance. As you honor your authentic thoughts and emotions you are aligning with the subtle laws of time and space.


Quite often as humans are interacting with time they experience it as a burden that cannot be shifted…

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