Bodhi Be in Hawaii: On “Missile Morning” — Exopermaculture

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

Notes from Ines: I was going to write about this today, but as you can see, another subject came up. Here is how I would respond to this false alert. I’m grateful that my government is testing and ensuring that my safety is important. What is all the fucking hassle about anyways? It just shows that Americans are scared as hell, paranoid in the worse way and ungrateful, find fault in everything, and very very ungrateful for the lesson they faced that morning. Nothing left to say about that. Anne did a great job in this!

When we are not foolishly distracted from important world-changing events by quibbling over the word *shithole, we are parsing the reality or unreality, mistake or false flag, actual or fake, agenda-driven or not, message that all Hawaiians received on Saturday morning at “around 8:07 A.M.” I’ve heard the many theories: First the MSM version: it…

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