TIFFANY STILES @ In5D – There Are MANY Levels To The Ascension Process – 1-13-18

Higher Density Blog

Many Levels

by Tiffany Stiles,   Guest writer,

There are many planes, or dimensions of existence. There are parallel universes, or timelines of existence fragments of our souls live and play in daily. We are not aware of these until they start to present themselves. Until those fragments merge through collapsing timelines there is amnesia of one’s zero point. Until Kundalini rises there is amnesia of ones 12 strand DNA being unlocked, and the full metaphysical potential you are capable of. And You must do the individual work necessary to get there. There is NO ONE who can get you there but You!

The forerunners volunteered to come here and experience this first to show the way, and guide those through so they don’t feel alone and to speed up this process (100th monkey affect). Many in the distant past experienced “physical body ascension”, but Never shared their experience with…

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