Journal Entry 01.13.2016 – Struggling

My! How life has changed! I’ve been retired for nearly two years now and am (literally) a different person. My older readers will understand and comprehend the last statement…

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Journal Entry 01.13.2016 – Struggling

This past week, I’ve been slowly recovering from my bout with bronchitis, or as a friend described it, a re-calibration as a result of a major high heart chakra opening.
Whatever is going on my energy is low; I fatigue easily, still have a tremendous cold and cough occasionally. The fevers have departed, but I’m still waking up with night sweats, clammy and damp. This morning I had to take yet another hot shower just to wash off the icky dampness and to clear my sinuses of some of the mucus.

Nothing about ascension or the process of changing the body seems easy to me. Reading other people’s burbs about how joyful they feel makes me want to throw-up in disgust.

For some moments, when I’m in such a mood, I feel like I’ve missed the boat, then I read the post of another person…

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2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.13.2016 – Struggling

  1. I used to want to do the ascension thing in the sense of evoliving–wow, great typo from ‘evolving’!–so I sang literally millions of Tibetan Buddhist mantras, got the side effects of ‘special powers’ and used them to help others, got electrocuted complete with all the white light stuff, didn’t stay dead, and have been disabled and fried all the ten years since–sort of the seeing the face of god thing. I think some folks are not understanding that humans/those using human bodies need to take care of those bodies and be the best human types they can be. Eventually we all pass on anyhow, so being a great being while we are alive here is the best things we can do to evolve on all levels. Your mileage may vary–

    • Indeed. The white light is pure plasma and can certainly do some damage if you’re not prepared. I used to get rather fried after doing a long meditation or light work. Our physical vehicles take much longer to adapt to the new energies. It’s best to do things gradually, doing light exercise, getting sunlight (to collect light codes) and eating what your body needs (which will differ according to body type).
      We are responsible for taking care of these vehicles even if we’re only temporary inhabitants here. Take care.

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