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Rainbow Wave of Light


Dear Mother Heart, what do you wish to tell me today?

Mother Divine:

Today is a day to watch and listen to. Look at the day today as it peels before you. Observe and learn. Learn and grow. Grow and extend. Radiate. What you do now is radiate, as if you were Mother Divine, as if your heart blazoned in a love bigger than the world itself knows, bigger even than you know.

You have not begun to tap your heart’s power. Your heart will reveal itself to you more and more. Your heart’s power is other than you think.

Your heart’s power is mine. Your heart’s rays shine. Think of your heart as a heart that embraces. It reaches, touches. It casts a light. That is all it has to do. It does not have to love in the BIG sense of love. It just casts a light…

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