More Bad News for California, Caribbean Earthquakes and Massive Amounts of Displaced Water Planet-Wide [video] ~ Jan. 10, 2018

Curiouser and curiouser…


Oh my gosh…lot’s unusual and disruptive “stuff” going on in the world right now. How is your weather? Here in the Columbia Gorge, it’s fairly warm and .wet. Lot’s of rain hereabouts…just glad it is NOT the three feet of snow we bludgeoned through last winter.

So…please take a look at this article with video’s from Molly at Starship Earth. know that these global events are signs of change on Planet Earth, be prepared with essentials, and…


We had the most lovely rains overnight last night here in Phoenix and a thunderstorm, but California got hit hard and suffered a lot of severe flooding and mudslides. Many deaths. The visuals are unbelievable. Big hugs to our friends in Cali. You sure didn’t need this.

Jesse at BPEarthwatch has the details, and starts off with and earthquake update and news of the possible tsunami threats.

MrMBB brings us reports of…

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