When Shadow drops the Drama …

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Shadow-work is often described as a roller-coaster.  There´s the intense ups-and-downs, the emotional highs-and-lows, all the ingredients that regenerate the cycle of emotional psychodrama. We call it the hero(ine)´s journey. We pedestalize it in religion, ritual, myth, movies .. it´s filtered down intensively into popular culture . We use the framework of this journey – and its dependence on shadow –  as a framing device to make sense of some of the darkest, hardest, and harshest days of our lives. And what emerges beyond it all.

I have often described shadow work as the means by which the Phoenix dies … in order to be reborn.

But what I find now, at least, in my own process – and I am sure this applies to many others riding the same wave of consciousness: is that we need to re-think the shadow and how we process it.

Shadow was what was…

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