WHAT IS RIGHTEOUSNESS – Archangel Metatron via Lee Degani – by Sananda.website – 2-8-18 –

Higher Density Blog


Righteousness is being aligned with the Sacred Divine. Channeled by Lee Degani.

 I am Metatron, your guide, one with the universe. The subject of judgement has come up that you sometimes judge yourself in not having the compassion that you think you should have.


But dear ones, beloved ones, when you step back and become the observer, you do have compassion, you are just not taking it onto your sacred selves. It is a new feeling, is it not, to not feel the angst, to not feel the despair, to not feel the grief, to not take on the despair of illness from another. And so you sometimes judge yourself that you are not feeling these things and you wonder, “Am I a compassionate being? Am I a being of love and light? Am I working for the Mother, for the Father?”


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