Tom Price, The Positive Side of 2012 – The Weapon Against the Cabal

Note to Readers: I’m publishing this series from The Positive Side of 2012 in an attempt to help reduce fear about the massive changes that we are currently undergoing by introducing “clarity” into the situation. We are in the midst of an evolutionary upgrade. Will we survive as a species? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  “We” have a secret weapon that can be used against the Cabal, if we act from our Heart Center.  BTW, almost at the end of the video, Tom talks about the black helicopters showing up.  I and a couple of friends have been frequently buzzed when working with etheric energies, especially the Resurrection Pillars and the Violet Flame.  The Cabal cannot use this “weapon” for their hearts are closed.

Our Primary Weapon to Defeat the Cabal. Must see!

Published November 16, 2016

To get totally away from the Cabal’s Stranglehold requires a Certain Specific Weapon. Here we reveal that weapon for the first time. This will take care of the NWO, the vaccine issue, chemtrails, and everything else. ( QTZ1097) ***** Subscribe to our channel ****

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