No More Sleeping

Population pacification requires highly advanced knowledge of the nature of human consciousness at a sol, holotropic, genetic, neurological and characterological level. Each level in this hierarchical scheme, relating to human consciousness, requires the application of specific mind control methods that make use of traditional brain washing (isolation/terrorization/forced dependency/ indoctrination/sexual-social sublimation) supplemented with drug and electromagnetically induced mind pacification – some common mind control drugs being heroin, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, aspartame, tranquilizer/antidepressant cocktails and food additives. White table salt (originally concocted for explosives manufacture) and lowered food nutritional levels will help contribute to the bodily chemical balance required for social stupefaction and pacification, as will fluoride. Microwave technology (obsolete) will interfere with neurological function in the 800 to 2000 megahertz range. If executed in small steps over a period of decades the social slide into a totalitarian federal police-state will not be noticed by the majority of the population. Those who…

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