Dr. Jerome Corsi with TracyBeanz 1-7-18… “Our journey into “The Storm”…”

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Besides the information in this video, which I found illuminating (for me, at least), there are several links below the video which may be potentially helpful for those who want to follow what’s going on.

A few points I caught…
Q used to post on “Calm Before the Storm” (CBTS) board.
Q now posts on “The Storm”
(so we are definitely IN the storm right now.)
10 min.: describes attack on the Q board and its resolution.
16:30: Clinton Foundation connection to defective AIDS drugs for Africa.
21 min: Saudi Arabia situation.


Published on Jan 7, 2018
I am honored and priviledged to present this interview to you. Dr. Jerome Corsi is a respected and distinguished patriot. Please watch to hear his take on the recent Q posts, as well as the story behind the highly controversial move to the new board– “The Storm”

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