Needing Each Other

Mystical Journey

Be soft with your spirit. Be gentle with your essence. BE authentic to your purpose and calling. Rid yourself from the negative self-talk. You become everything you say that you are or that you are not. We are born every day, every minute, every second. We are here on borrowed time. Make it lovingly serene with your heart so that you can present your soul lovingly to another.This struggle is all bullshit at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what you did or haven’t done.This moment, wasted reading this, or contemplating what hasn’t been scratched off your To Do List, is all irrelevant.

Really…this is nonsense. All the fake-ness of pretending and showing others a different person in order to fit in society. I want to know YOU…the real you that cries in your car, gets giddy at the first dog you see in the street…the YOU that…

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Energy Update ~ Deep Divine Codes Incoming, Current Ascension Symptoms ~ Jan. 7, 2018


Beloved Divine Tribe,

 Divine Energy Codes

There are Divine Energy codes arriving today that contain DEEP questioning about everything we are and our path going forward. This will continue over the weekend and possibly next week until it hits everyone. This is part of the Ascension process as through the Divine Creator all symptoms and codes must hit everyone, so everyone has the same chance to Ascend. What they do with these insights they receive is up to them. It is their choice to act on them or not, or to make progress with them or not. They are stored in their subconscious if they are not ready to deal with them in the moment of NOW. For those on the Ascension path we recognize these codes and immediately engage with them.

These Questioning Codes energies came in strong this morning and may make you feel physically unbalanced. Grounding is…

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Planet Alert for January 2018 ~ Jan. 7, 2018


By Mahala

Happy New Year!

Here we are experiencing another new year. What will happen this year? I’m sure it will be a very interesting year with lots and lots of changes. We started this year with a Super Full Moon on January 1, 2018 at 6:24 PM PST. The next day Uranus went direct in conjunction with Eris the planet of chaos. This is a very big deal. Uranus has been spinning his wheels and now he is in direct motion and will cause a lot of chaotic energy and fast acting changes.

Uranus is the planet of light, electricity, new inventions, wind, demonstrations, and revolutions like Iran is experiencing right now. And there have been lots of demonstrations in various places all over the world in the past few years. During the past six and a half years Uranus has been in Aries which is ruled by Mars…

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Codex of Development of Self – Zero i ~ Jan. 7, 2018


This is the latest from Disclosure News Italia detailing what it is that should be inside of each of humanity. Please read on, learn about yourself, and…


Codex of Development of Self – Zero i

Codex of Development of Self – Zero i. By Sementes Das Estrelas.

For many ages, humanity has been conditioned to follow patterns engraved on the Planetary Grid.

These patterns hindered the development of many souls, and whenever any of them were close to disconnect from that Matrix, an intensive was initiated against them so that it returns to the mental prison of ideas and heavy magnetism.

Some souls, when they incarnate on Earth, come with a specific mission. Others choose to came down and simply follow a series of experiments without any previously arranged timeline.

Those who come to Earth with a specific mission, and with a series of events that depend…

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Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance ~ Jan. 7, 2018

I don’t usually post articles regarding Twin Flames, yet this one seems more balanced than most. For those who are still looking for wholeness outside of themselves, you have a long journey ahead. Also, Twin Flames do NOT marry in the higher dimensions. It is a relationship wherein the Twins blend their energies to high workings. Look at the Twins like Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus; Sananda and Lady Nada, Archangel Raphael and Mary… and many more.


Hi there!

It has been a while that I felt inspired to write about Twin Flames. This blog came through with passing the threshold into a whole new era of co-creation and embodiment. The first twin flames are about to complete this process. It has been exhausting, it has been more than life-altering, it has been painful, it has been bliss, it has been deep despair, it has been hope… and…
non of that matters anymore once we have shifted into the fifth dimension for good.

Now that the energetic templates are in place for the collective, we are entering a new phase: co-creation and manifestation of New Earth. What this means for those in in a twin-flame experience is discussed in the blog “Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance:” 

This blog is taking a deeper look into the energetics of twin flames and why not all twin flames…

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The Spirit Science

What does it mean to be a starseed or lightworker, and what is the core mission? 

A shift is taking place. Humanity is changing. Around the world people are realizing that previous paradigms are not working and we must change our way of living in order to survive.

During this time, many people identify themselves as lightworkers and believe that they are here on a mission to help change the world. In simple terms, a lightworker is a person who chooses to change the world by raising the vibration of the self and others. There are many paths to higher vibration and all of them are viable: it is not the details of how you get there, but the outcome that is of greatest importance.

An important thing to understand about this article is that, like any parable, it offers a framework to help you understand the mission and what…

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Why The Occult Elite Are Losing

Deus Nexus

Hubris, overconfidence, recklessness, and unrestrained corruption have disrupted their delicate duality balancing act. Chaos exposed spells doom for the New World Order.

By David Nova | fromDeus Nexus

There are probably a myriad of inter-connected reasons why the Occult Elite/the Illuminati/the Powers That Be are quickly becoming the Powers That Were. I am going to write about just one – their own sloppiness.

In the past, I have written quite extensively about the subjects of duality, balance, order vs chaos. These are the prominent themes in my metaphysical novels and in many of my articles.

Many people likely believe that members of the illuminati/the occult elite subscribe to a philosophy/religion that values darkness over light, evil over goodness, crime over law & order.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simplistic. There are probably local level satanic sects that prioritize the dark side over the light, but if…

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A God Message Including the Future Self, QHHT For The Non-Metaphysically Minded & Suzanne’s Universal Mind Project Meditation Is Now Free To Download

TAUK Messages

Hi Everyone

I have a grab bag of goodies to share with you. It is always fascinating to me when people who do not believe in past lives or don’t entertain the thoughts of spirituality or metaphysics seek out a QHHT session with me. It stretches me to explain the concepts in a different way. I especially love these clients for trusting me to guide them into a space they haven’t given much thought about. The results are equally profound as for those who are spiritually minded and have studied Dolores Cannon. I created a Youtube clip that explains QHHT for those who are not of the metaphysical mind set. I give two examples of sessions with individuals like this.

Next, I have decided to permanently make my Universal Mind Project(UMP) guided meditation free. I previously had it available for an exchange of $4.44. Please use the meditation individually and in…

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The State of Abundance in a Lacking World

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

Abundance is something I live with every day. Every single day I feel gratitude for that. Let me first explain/define what abundance means to me and how it’s defined to us. The dictionary defines it as: 1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply; 2. overflowing fullness; 3. affluence; wealth

I  live in a beautiful home my partner and I built together in 2009 with money we brought back from Australia and Canada. My partner has an Australian pension which gets a lot more here in Croatia. I am into all sorts of things from TCM healing, creating medicine from medicinal plants, the island I live on is a botanical paradise. I work translating books and articles, plenty of things to earn a living from.  We are and have been debt free even before we met 12 years ago so for me, being financially secure is not about…

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