The New 2018 Reality, What a Wild Ride it Will Be

In the GFL, this planet is called the “Planet of Lies”. Everything has been presented as being the exact opposite of what it really is…

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

First of all I want to wish everyone an exciting new 2018 reality. They are doing a great job are they not? What is white is actually black, what is harassment is actually rudeness. It must be really scary for men these days. They can’t approach a woman, can’t pay a compliment, can’t do anything. How do you get the attention of a woman if you’re not able to touch, whistle, pay a compliment and or touch her butt?
Hey boys, you can touch my butt any time. You can whistle when I walk by, you can touch your shoulder with mine when you walk by, no worries, I still enjoy those fine cavalier moves.
As for women, why don’t you just sew up your vagina since everything is offensive to you. What planet did you come from?
Let’s not talk about politics and the once revered Fox News that…

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