January 5, 2018 Headlines & Intel [videos] ~ Jan. 5, 2018

Food for thought…demand Full Disclosure NOW!


Well, Starship Earth has done it again! These daily news recaps are a great way to get the truth of the cabal out there and how this is affecting our daily lives.  So…please pay attention to this piece with it’s may sources of information, consider the truth of Humanity evolving (soon), and…


Some new information coming out about the Clinton estate. Follow the money, they say. See the image at Stillness in the Storm blog.


This anomaly from MrMBB is very interesting, particularly considering the second of the two video clips he shows us, which certainly does resemble the sudden spherical, energetic anomaly we see first in Louisiana.

Are the cabal still trying to escape by opening portals or attempting to call in reinforcements, or is it something else related to our friends upstairs?

There was to be another SpaceX launch tonight from Cape Canaveral, Florida and the…

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