There’s a New World Coming; Getting Clued In [videos] ~ Jan. 4, 2018


Yep…there IS a new world coming and Starship Earth has brought a collection of current TV ads/movies that are using the truth in their advertising ploys…OMG! I don’t watch TV (and haven’t for 4 years) and thus remain clueless about how/what TV marketers are using these days to promote products.

So…please read this article, enjoy the video clips included, enjoy the heck as more of humanity wakes up, and…


I got quite an education on New Year’s Eve when we watched real time television rather than recorded shows. The advertising, in particular, was astounding, but also a movie or two. The clues are everywhere, if you know how to interpret them.

We first watched a recorded movie: Jurassic World. It picked up where Jurassic Park left off, but in this one, the dinosaurs were grown in a lab with genetics. They employed animal trainers at the park who…

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