The Arcturians ~ Mother Earth Will Take Her Seat Amongst the Galaxies of the Universe ~ Jan. 4, 2018


By Cherie Frances

Let us speak a little of what it takes to release the tension of the new beginnings upon your Earth realm. Feel yourselves grow, change envelop the new tidings of love and joy – and heartfelt displeasure at what it was that took you so far to get here to this stage of love, joy and unity. Feel yourselves expanding, growing and maturing evermore into the unfolding and refolding and back and forth, like the tides, into the ever more complex multidimensionality of your Selves and cells. We are here to bring you the upmost of important of messages. It is: Be who you are. Not what others believe or expect of you. You are who you are for a reason. For the Earth realm. Not for the Higher realms or any other realm. You are on planet Earth, in and on the heart of Gaia for a…

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