Signposting the Shadow

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


The thing that triggers a knee-jerk response of dismissal, denial or instant condemnation is usually a signpost to the shadow.
What do you vehemently deny?
What do you not want to hear?
Where is the skin thinnest?
It´s ethical to staunchly reject something that is truly unjust.
To block out energies, people or activities that are harmful.
To protect others who cannot defend themselves (and want that help).
But that´s not the kind of response (or cause) I´m talking about.
You know what I mean …
More often that not, our expressions of righteous condemnation stem from unresolved trauma, undigested experience or unprocessed emotion.
Or the need to ridicule, tear down or poke holes at others who are different ….
Or to question their right to exist, to be what they are …
Or to run away from them
So much of that…

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