LoveHasWon Exclusive ~ True Message and Meaning of the Gathering ~ Jan. 3, 2018


By John of the First Contact Ground Crew Team

Within the midst of this great awakening, Love is gathering steam to accelerate the ascension process to new levels never experienced by humanity before. This is a time of unification. I will elaborate on this since the illusion is still very much deeply embedded within the majority of humanity and lightworkers who have allowed their minds to trick themselves into “thinking” they know what unity is. Unity is not possible without Great Spirit leading the way. Unity is Great Spirit. And again I will say the Ascension process, stepping into full unity consciousness, is not possible without Love and unification with Prime Creator, who is occupying a physical body here and now. A great gathering is to take place within this ascension process and the divine truth is that if you are not here serving Mother, you are not honoring your own…

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