Discernment and Self-Care During Divine Energy Shake-UPs

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

11Feeling like I am finally myself again after an up and down first 3 days of this year. So much coalescing at one juncture. INtention setting for the new year, outing more of my personal leadership and desire to serve love through this new vlog series with beloved Kalayna, and the now passing supermoon energies that seemed to highlight some old frequencies in me that came in like a weather pattern that swirled around in and out of my field during the days. I was able to show up in heart for this new project and then a funky blah and irritation afterward.

I am being offered a picture of a mixture that has some of the contents settled to the bottom and a big ol’ Divine spoon comes into stir it up. The mass of the energy can be collective in nature. When the UPtick in frequency is moving…

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