Yes, We Agree Ben – Poetic Justice Indeed, With Senior US Based Cabal Now in Gitmo … The 144k Gears-Up For Mass Promotion, and Dave from Keshe Foundation Joins Us For The Latest | Return To Your Truth

Forever Unlimited

Yes …

  • “Trump” (the White Hats) did declare a state of emergency on the 20th of Dec, & freezing the assets of those accused of human rights abuses and corruption, a catch-all to bankrupt the Bushes, Clintons, Soros, Obama, the Cabal, and the global Zionist mafia,” based on one Pentagon source

  • With negative ET related Cabal bases in Antarctica almost taken out, the 13 Bloodlines are now negotiating for peace… in the hope they’ll continue to exist…

… all this allows “Trump” (the White Hats) to lawfully & constitutionally unleash the military to seize Cabal assets & carry out Mass Arrests which have clearly started.

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