Sandra Walter – HAPPY NOW YEAR! ~ Jan. 2, 2018


Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Happy Now Year! This is a reprint from my Newsletter which went out today. Keeping everyone in the loop with the unfoldments. 

Welcome to the New Newsletter! This is a reflection of the renewed website, and I welcome you to explore the gifts and energy of the new site design and new Light-encodements. Creative Evolution is no more, all is Ascension Path now. More shine, more services in the making. I’ll do a website and services video tour in the near future.

This Newsletter (one of the pricier services I intend to keep), is leveling up to include more inspiration, supportive services, and opportunities for us to connect.

Gratitude for the Support on all levels

My recovery is progressing well. My ribs are healing, the spine, leg, foot and arm are coming back into alignment. It will be easier when movement is…

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