GABRIEL HEARTMAN – Practical Ascension Vlog Series – Social Area Of Life Introduction – 1-3-17 – by Soulfull Heart Way Of Life

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SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, offer a new perspective and lens for the social area of life. This is the first video of several where they will be exploring this topic through the SoulFullHeart lens and their personal experiences of Ascension and deep healing in this area.

In this video, they give an overview of social reality from a 3D/4D/5D perspective and they touch on topics such as: relationships based in duty and obligation or ‘binds’ instead of heart and soul ‘bonds’; the process of awakening and the impact on relationships plus the need to be willing to let go of relationships that aren’t awakening with you; the impact of leaving relationships and the grace it offers to all parties involved; the overall benefit to you and your parts as you let in more self love and Divine love while letting go…

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