Yes, We Agree Ben – Poetic Justice Indeed, With Senior US Based Cabal Now in Gitmo … The 144k Gears-Up For Mass Promotion, and Dave from Keshe Foundation Joins Us For The Latest | Return To Your Truth

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Yes …

  • “Trump” (the White Hats) did declare a state of emergency on the 20th of Dec, & freezing the assets of those accused of human rights abuses and corruption, a catch-all to bankrupt the Bushes, Clintons, Soros, Obama, the Cabal, and the global Zionist mafia,” based on one Pentagon source

  • With negative ET related Cabal bases in Antarctica almost taken out, the 13 Bloodlines are now negotiating for peace… in the hope they’ll continue to exist…

… all this allows “Trump” (the White Hats) to lawfully & constitutionally unleash the military to seize Cabal assets & carry out Mass Arrests which have clearly started.

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Year of the Feminine – January 2018 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

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Year of the Feminine – January 2018 Energy Forecast
by Emmanuel Dagher

Hello my friend,

Happy New Year!

2018 is the Year of the Feminine, and this will impact all of us in a big way.

A Definite Shift in Power

In 2017, we saw many seeds planted in regards to the shift in power coming in 2018.

Before we dive further into what 2018 has in store for us, it’s important to get an aerial or expanded view of what’s happened overall in the past decade.

From 2007 to 2016, a quantum leap in consciousness occurred that affected every area of life, from science, innovation, and art to personal and global awakening.

It’s as if the curtains were being pulled back, allowing us to finally see beyond the veils of illusion.

People from all walks of life started noticing their consciousness expanding into new ways of thinking, living, and…

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Phase 2 5th Dimension Shakedown


Light bulb moment 🙏🏻 non attachment is surrender. To give ourselves to universal love vibration is to relinquish anxiety, worry and fear. Surrendering to the karmic scales of universal flow means being in the moment, being energetically self aware. We are good people, we try, we hope, we pray, we cry and we love. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your choices, they shape us, good or bad. Release those who drain your energy, celebrate those who enrich us. Clean up our lives. Sort out our home, recycle, donate, declutter, simplify. Clear out our minds by unplugging from mainstream media, cultural programming and religious oppression. Free our heart chakras from fear, get into the present. If we don’t like something we have the power to change it. We control our own lives. Recognising this, owning it is sovereignty, this is freedom.

The carrot at the end of…

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Jennifer Hoffman – 2018 Predictions: The Path of Freedom and Convergence


Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction. Our…

via 2018 Predictions; The Path of Freedom and Convergence by Jennifer Hoffman — Enigmatic Healing


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

With Mars and Jupiter conjunct one another in Scorpio, this is the time to think about your health, finances – and really – the resources that help you regenerate your vitality and passion.
Consider the vitality of your intimate relationships, your reproductive system, your finances – really – your resources as a whole. Are they in a state of destruction, or regeneration?
Scorpio also brings us a great deal of temptation, which is a part of its test. Remember to stay true to your ethics and who you are. Consider the means, rather than the ends – no matter how alluring they may seem. Take the time to dig through the fine print before committing to any financial, medical, sexual or other resource-intensive endeavour.
Remember to honor your ethics, and the alchemy of regeneration within. Zero-sum games will not benefit anyone.
Mars and Jupiter square…

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MASTER KUTHUMI via Natalie Glasson – The Next Period of Ascension – 2018 – by Golden Age Of Gaia – 1-2-18

Higher Density Blog


Welcome to a new cycle of energy and life! You are living beings and energy which is constantly transforming. You never stay the same, you are always evolving and attuning yourself with the Creator within you, even when you feel distant from the divine. It is because of your constant transformation that you are one of the most beautiful aspects of the Earth.

Humanity is so wonderous to observe. The pathways that many choose to take can be challenging and yet the beauty that emerges from within each soul is breath-taking. It is during the current stage of ascension that I, Master Kuthumi and all Ascended Masters, delight in sharing and expressing our gratitude to humanity with our deepest love and devotion for all. Please receive our energy, and as you do so let us encourage you to recognize your inner magnificence.


Take a moment to…

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GABRIEL HEARTMAN – Practical Ascension Vlog Series – Social Area Of Life Introduction – 1-3-17 – by Soulfull Heart Way Of Life

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Image result for Gabriel Hartman

SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, offer a new perspective and lens for the social area of life. This is the first video of several where they will be exploring this topic through the SoulFullHeart lens and their personal experiences of Ascension and deep healing in this area.

In this video, they give an overview of social reality from a 3D/4D/5D perspective and they touch on topics such as: relationships based in duty and obligation or ‘binds’ instead of heart and soul ‘bonds’; the process of awakening and the impact on relationships plus the need to be willing to let go of relationships that aren’t awakening with you; the impact of leaving relationships and the grace it offers to all parties involved; the overall benefit to you and your parts as you let in more self love and Divine love while letting go…

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Relax & Receive ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the best possible time for you to let yourselves receive what is being sent to you from all of the higher realms, all dimensions, and all parts of the galaxy. You have done enough on planet Earth. You have taken enough actions. You have summoned enough energy. You have had enough experiences to determine for yourselves what it is that you want, but you haven’t done enough of the receiving part of the equation.

You haven’t let yourselves receive because you are still operating under the assumption that you have to make everything happen, that you have to do it all yourselves, and that the only way for you to get the credit for your creations is by working hard to insure that they come to you. We invite you to experience grace…

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ANASTACIA @ In5D – Energy Update – Crossing Over The Abyss, From 2017 To 2018 – 1-2-18

Higher Density Blog

Crossing Over

by Anastacia-Blue Beyond,   Australian Correspondent,

There has been so much joy and relief as we have finally shifted into 2018 energies!

For what felt like climbing a mountain all year!

So while there is so much elation and joy and relief on one hand, there is also the FEELING in the human of a balance of Spirit and Soul of what our reality is here and now.

If we surrender and abandon ourselves to others and all in love and light, then where does the human feelings come in?

As this is a very necessary and VITAL part of our Ascension!

Where is the balance in the human that we are very much ‘needing’…as to come from the upper realms only, will not sustain us!

It is not ‘enough’…as we need to be very real and live in balance and flow of and with the Divine, within…

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January 2nd Important Headlines [videos] ~ Jan. 2, 2018


Wow…do you have time to take in and digest what the heck is going on in our world today? I sure don’t…especially after returning to work the day after New Year’s! (Yawn…)

So let’s all read/watch the information presented by Starship Earth who does a pretty good job of covering  the latest breaking news on the spiritual/geo-political front(s), “Thank You” for staying aware at this pivotal time in Earth’s history, and…


The New Year is launching with a bang. It’s really hopping out there with respect to news headlines and it’s never quiet for long so this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything breaking, but it’s what came across my desk that I had a chance to review.

We’re still hearing people asking, “Why isn’t this on TV, if it’s true?” There are three answers; either it isn’t true, or it’s a sensitive mission that would…

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