MrFusion, RumorMillNews 1-1-18… “MegaAnon answers a critic about what is to come in the Moore election fraud case “

Here’s a fact: this Moore/Jones election isn’t a “new thing”. It’s not old dogs learning new tricks. What Moore/Jones serve to prove to you is that THIS IS THE “ELECTION NORM” and sadly, has been for decades. Your vote, voice, opinion, etc. hasn’t mattered for 50+ years. Pay attention because you’re actually fighting for those who seek to stifle you.

Voters: Wake up! This kind of thing DOES affect you, your children and your future.

Kauilapele's Blog

This kind of “popped up” from a browsing of RMN, and something urged me to post it. It does have something to do with the rampant-ness of election fraud in the US elections processes, in particular about the Roy Moore/Doug Jones Alabama election.

[MA] “Still more to come. The left is trying to slam him through which you should’ve expected… I love watching them implode on themselves, just like the Mueller investigation. You are literally watching them trying to slam in Jones using the SAME campaign/field TACTICS they tried to use for Hillary on Bernie… until they got caught!… SSometimes it’s about the bigger picture, y’all. Be patient. Imagine how they’ll even attempt to explain this. “It never ends”, right?!

[biffingzorp] “Do you seriously not see how transparent that is? This is classic con man crap. After you have clearly been scammed and lost everything and the con man…

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