David Wilcock, Barbara Honegger, on Richard Hoagland’s podcast, “‘Disclosure’ — The INSIDE, Multi-leveled Truth … as it Begins”

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This is something that just showed up in my FB feed, and I felt the push to post it. You may use the audio player below, or click the mp3 link to open a window with a player in it.

And no, I have not yet made any MP3s or anything like that… yet. Perhaps I’ll do so later. Pretty soon I will likely be “escaping the fireworks and bombs” that are now starting to go off around my house.

2017/12/30 – David Wilcock – Barbara Honegger – “Disclosure” — The INSIDE, Multi-leveled Truth … as it Begins.

https://content.streamhoster.com/player/osom/osom/2017-12-30_David-Wilcock_Barbara-Honegger_Disclosure_INSIDE-Multi-Leveled-Truth_As-It-Begins_OSOM.mp3(you may click on this link to open a new window which will have a full size player in it)


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