Eliza: Another Year Has Arrived — 2017!


2017 brought more changes to my life and a storm of change upon the planet. What will 2018 bring? All I know is that you need to face down your fears, open your heart and listen within to the sure guidance that comes like a quiet breeze through the palm trees.

Blue Dragon Journal

dscn1813Eliza:  Another Year Has Arrived – 2017

Whew… we survived 2016!  Now what is this New Year, this new cycle going to bring us?  Well, probably whatever we need to continue to grow, expand in consciousness, move into our personal and collective power, weave our interconnectedness on a local and regional level, design new dreams and bring some into being… only time will tell.

For me personally, much occurred in 2016 that was both expected and unexpected.  I went into the new year knowing that I would soon be retiring and moving to an entirely new area of the country.  I had every intention of being with another fellow traveler and creating a new way of living.  Things did not work out, but instead blew up in the most spectacular fashion.  I ended up living out the remainder of the year as a lodger in a quiet Florida neighborhood, taking…

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